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Why do you like growing RAGT barley?

A malting barley variety needs to deliver high yields whilst maintaining the quality required by maltsters.

RGT Planet, recognised across the world, is an excellent example of this.

Barley also needs to be easy to manage to face ever changing microclimatic conditions.

RAGT barley aims to use as few inputs and treatments as possible, reducing your costs and time spent in the field.

RAGT barley aims to achieve more yield for the same inputs, which is ecologically and economically better for you.

RGT ASTEROID & RGT ORBITER are dual purpose varieties and are adapted to distilling (low GN).

With RAGT barley you benefit from advice on how to grow the best possible crop based on conditions in your local area.

RAGT Solutions

Our commitment to low carbon agriculture is deeply rooted in our breeding innovations, offering you solutions for today & tomorrow.

More species for your crop rotation

32 different plant species are available from RAGT, one of the widest range at your disposal today.

Eco-friendly practices

RAGT barley can be combined with cover crops, thereby contributing positively to the environment.

As real carbon capture systems, they transform the carbon in the air into fertiliser for new barley plants which will also transform carbon in the air – via photosynthesis – into a grain, making high quality beers.

RAGT brings you its expertise in soil health plans to reduce the pressure of soil pathogens, which directly benefits future crops.

2 row Spring barley



RGT Planet, exceptional global potential

The development of RGT Planet by farmers across the world, demonstrates its ability
to adapt to a wide range of growing and climatic conditions