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RAGT supports The RMI Analytics

RAGT supports The RMI Analytics’ World Barley, Malt & Beer Conference
29 March - 1 April 2022

As a Gold Sponsor, RAGT shows its commitment towards the malting and brewing industry.

How does RAGT barley contribute to the sustainability of your process ?

Barley has to meet your requirements for beer creation and the expectations of your beer lovers.

Concern for the environment

Consumers are increasingly looking at the environmental impact of products. They still want to enjoy life, but with consideration for the future of the planet and of Humanity.
The worldwide availability of grain to secure the production and quality of your beer is vital.

RAGT Innovation

The latest genetic innovations in the RAGT barley portfolio aim to target worldwide adaptations to help you maximise the grain quality & decrease your environmental footprint.
RAGT innovation connects plant breeding with energy provision.

RAGT Solutions

RGT Planet

RGT Planet has been validated by maltsters and brewers from 5 continents, all due to:

All of the above are sources of a more rational and sustainable process.


RGT Orbiter and RGT Asteroid have an aptitude for distilling (low GN) in addition to their brewing ability.


Developing its unique agro pellets technology Calys®, RAGT makes green energy from the plants, and supports the value chain from start to finish.

Calys® provides decarbonized heating energy, contributing to a more environmentally friendly beer production cycle.

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