Beer lover

Why do you like RAGT barley?

You might not know it yet, but you already love RAGT barley!

Barley is part of the special moments you share with loved ones.

Barley makes beers consistent in appearance, aroma and flavour, and is key to creating the identity of your favorite beer.

Beer can also be made from different types of plants such as wheat, rye, sorghum and rice (starch content is key), but the preferred grain is barley.

Our Solutions

In our roots, we believe your best moments are most enjoyable if they are shared & long lasting.

We create RAGT barley varieties which are agronomically adapted to as many countries as possible.
Our varieties maintain high grain quality & environmental friendliness to help you indulge in your favorite beer everywhere.

RAGT barley aims at making better use of the water, nitrogen and mineral elements from the soil, all sources of savings for the farmer.
They contribute to the beer value chain from field to bottle.

RAGT innovates as well by using plant residues to produce energy (agro-pellets)

RAGT Energy, part of the RAGT Group, has developed the agro pellet technology called Calys®, to supply you with renewable energy from plants.